Introduction of Cast Steel Anchor Production Process

present, the most widely used casting process is wood mold casting. The process
is as follows:

1. Wood
mold processing—The wood must be dried naturally or artificially before use.
It must meet the local high moisture condition, and the total moisture content
is less than 10%. The wood mold must be manufactured according to the
requirements of the drawings, and has sufficient strength, Surface finish and
certain precision, the wood used for making the wood mold should be tough and
wear-resistant, not easily deformed, and should be soft and easy to process,
and the surface of the processed wood should be smooth and easy to demould.
After the wooden mold is made, the surface should be painted with varnish and
shellac paint, and the wear-resistant layer should be painted to increase the
wear resistance of the wooden mold, which is convenient for the wooden mold to
be used multiple times and easy to store. After the wooden mold is made, if you
want to cast an anchor of the same specification in the future, you only need
to reuse the mold of this specification.

2. Sand
casting—The raw material of the sand mold is mainly sand, and the binder and
water are added. The mixed sand mold material should have a certain bond
strength to prevent the sand mold from collapsing by being washed by
high-temperature molten iron. Note that the high-temperature molten iron has a
certain shrinkage rate after condensation, so the size of the wood mold should
be increased according to the shrinkage rate compared to the size of the
original casting, and the parts that need to be cut should be thickened, so the
anchor delivery weight can be allowed to allow -3 % to +7% tolerance.

Pouring — After the sand mold is made, the removal position of the wooden
mold should be considered, and the position of the molten steel pouring should
also be considered to avoid affecting the structure of the anchor. The pouring
process is to pour the molten steel into the cavity of the sand mold, and the
molten steel is in the cavity. It will condense and form. The casting of main
components such as anchor rod and anchor head is generally made of ZG230-450H
and ZG200-400C materials.

Desanding, grinding, etc. — After forming the casting anchor, de-sanding is
carried out, and the burrs, spills and other parts formed at the joint part of
the sand mold are polished.

5. Dipping
and assembling—The dipping of the anchor should be completed before the
assembling of the anchor, so that all parts of the anchor can be covered with
asphalt paint, and the assembly work can be carried out after the anchor
dipping paint is dry.