Production Process of Welding Anchor

1. Cleaning, the plates used to make welding anchors
should be cleaned of oil and dust on the surface before use;

2. Cutting, cut the plate according to the required size,
the joints that need to be welded after cutting should be matched;

3. Deburring and
straightening, in order to avoid affecting the welding effect, the burrs,
protrusions and other parts of the plate after cutting should be removed, and
the bent parts should be straightened;

4. Welding, the
joint parts of each workpiece should be consistent during welding, and the
stability of the joint parts of the workpiece should be ensured during the
whole welding process to avoid welding deformation;

5. Cleaning and
grinding the weld. After the welding is completed, the weld should be cleaned
to remove the residual slag at the weld. After the cleaning is completed, the
weld should be polished. During the grinding process, the state of the weld
should be observed, and the missing welding part should be polished after
welded again;

6. Painting, the
next step after all parts of the welding anchor are finished is dipping paint.
After the paint surface of each part is dry, it can be assembled and packaged.