precautions of Marine Fire door


1. Generally, the marine fire door
must be installed on the firewall, the entrance and exit of the staircase, the
entrance of the computer room, the opening part of the pipe shaft wall and the place
prone to fire.

2. The marine fire door shall be a
flat door that opens in the direction of evacuation, and the door of the
evacuation staircase leading to the roof shall be opened in the direction of
the roof. The door should be able to open manually from either side after

3. The fire doors of walkways,
stairwells and front rooms for evacuation should have the function of
self-closing, and double and multiple doors should also have the function of
closing sequentially. The often open fire door should have the function of
self-closing and signal feedback in case of fire.


1. The power supply of the fire door shall be the fire power supply, and
the cross-sectional area, insulation resistance, line laying and protection
pipe materials of the power supply and control wires shall meet the
requirements of the specification. The overcurrent protection setting
value of the fire door power supply device should meet the design requirements.

2. Always pay attention
to the integrity of the door body, determine whether the door closer and
sequencer are easy to use, and whether the fire door can close by itself in

3. Strengthening the management and maintenance
of fire-fighting equipment is the only way to ensure the integrity and good use
of fire-fighting equipment.

Maintenance precautions of Marine Fire door