Knuckle Boom Crane

Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes are reliable and effective cranes for general cargo handling and service onboard ships and offshore units.
Tailor made to your requested specifications, in different boom lengths and lifting capacities for different sea state working conditions. All the foldable cranes can be equipped with different accessories and class certified by all leading classification societies.
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Standard Equipement
360° rotation by means of precise slewing ring
Steel structure made of certified steel
Working temperature range from -20°C to +40°C
Precise step less speed control
Simultaneous operation of 2 or more functions
Strong basement ready for mounting or welding on vessel’s main steel structure
Emergency stop device
All piston cylinder rods made with Nikrom 350
Stainless steel pipes & nuts
Stainless steel grease fittings
Bushes made of self lubrificating bronze
Pins treated with self lubricating and anti corrosion material
Emergency hand operated pump
Dead man type lever controls
Load limiting system
Load Holding Valves
Slew Fail Safe Brakes & Load Holding Valves
Standard Melcal Marine Treatment
Full set of documentation and operation manuals
Spare filters for one year operation

Power Units w/ oil coolers (electro-hydraulic or diesel hydraulic)
Constant tension systems
Certification for lifting of personal and man riding winches
Radio or cable remote control systems
Special steel for low working temperatures (-40°C)
ATEX packages & certification
Load indicator systems
MOPS – Manual Overload Protection System
AOPS – Automatic Overload Protection System
Flood lights
Warning & working lights
Operator cabin (with A/C)
Centralized greasing system
Extended pedestal height and many other upon request

Standard Safety Devices
All functions are adjusted to permit pressure with relief valves
Main overpressure valve for the safety of the whole hydraulic system
Hydraulic overload device/ load limiting device fitted so that all crane functions stop when boom structure is overloaded. When crane is blocked, the only movement allowed by the release valve, is the extension in movement reducing in this way the movement that has caused the blocking
Luffing cylinder/s equipped with over centre valves
Slewing gearbox equipped with fail safe disc brakes and brake valves, to prevent any overload due to the horizontal forces, the breaks are spring operated and pressure released
Winch equipped with fail safe disc brakes and brake valves, the breaks are spring operated and pressure released
Swivel hook with bearing complete with safety latch
Distributor control valve block, with dead man’s type levers for an automatic return to neutral position
Emergency hydraulic stop valve
Emergency hand operated pump
Boom angle indicator
Visual & audible warning alarms