Knotted Fishing Net

Knotted fishing nets can be woven by materials of Nylon, PE, HDPE. Different types of materials have their own special advantages.


* Various types of teeth like wide chisel, narrow chisel and pick point
* Various types of adapters like ACR adapter, adapter weld on nose and adapter leg
* Wide chisels are used for peat, sand and soft clay
* Narrow chisels are applied in packed sand and firm clay
* Teeth with pick points are used for rock
* Special mounting geometry

Features of American Hand Cast Net

A. Adopting 210D high strength nylon multifilament with high breaking strength of 7g/D;
B. High twist of yarns, stable mesh size, compact knots, neat mesh;
C. 210D/3~240ply, 12mm~2000mm mesh size;
D. Good wear resistance, anti-UV, having long service life;
E. Suitable for cage aquaculture, marine purse seine net and trawl net.

Features of Polyethylene Knotted Fishing Net:

A. Adopting high strength and high toughness PE monofilament with breaking strength of 7.5g/D and knot strength 5g/D;
B. Moderate twist of yarn, stable mesh size, compact knots, neat mesh;
C. 20~80tex/4~180ply with mesh size 12mm ~2000mm;
D. High fracture strength, good abrasion resistance, high finish, anti-UV, anti-aging, long service life;
E. Suitable for cage acquaculture, marine trawl net, purse seine, deep-water anti-wind net cages and so on.


  1. Type: Knotted Fishing Net/Meshes
  2. Mesh Size: customized
  3. Depth: customized
  4. Length: customized
  5. Material: Nylon, PE, HDPE
  6. Color: Green or as required
  7. Knot Type: knotted

Available Types of Fishing Nets

Gill Net, Trawl Net, Cast Net, Seine Net, Stow Net, Inflatable Lift Net and other types. The fishing nets can be woven by Nylon, PE, HDPE, Polyester materials.


Applicable to the oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, ditches and other waters for fish catching and farming.

Our Service

We supply both finished and semi-finished fishing nets/meshes. We can design and process specific fishing nets according to your special requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact us.