Hydraulic Slewing Crane

Simplicity has been our design criteria for hydraulic slewing cranes. The adoption of the luffing cylinder and the lifting winch and slewing unit equipped with the planetary reduction gear having high strength makes the cranes light in weight, low in centre of gravity, reliable in operation and easy in maintenance. Normally the lifting capacity of the crane is from 1.0T to 60T (max. 150T) and hoisting speed under full load is between 10m/min and 30m/min. The crane can be designed according to Users’ requirements.

Basic design features:

  • Welded box boom for low maintenance. The design is stiff and rigid, with reduced flexibility, giving the operator a faster and more accurate positioning of the cargo
  • Self contained unit with integrated hydraulic power pack
  • Fail-safe brakes on all movements
  • Fully enclosed and equipped drivers cabin with integrated heating
  • Dual pump system with separate hydraulic circuit for hoist and luffing/slewing to ensure efficient cargo handling
  • The variable speed hoist will automatically adjust to the highest possible speed for the appropriate load.

All the measures are indicative and can be tailored according to your requests.