Fixed Net for Sea Fishing

This type of fishing net is a fixed stow net which is the best advanced fishing net used for shallow sea. After being installed in the water, the fish automatically swims into the net. Taking fish is allowed at any time. This fishing net is like a “maze” that once the fish ignoring its size swims into the net, it cannot swim out.

Fishing Targets:

Can catch fish in the middle and bottom of deep water with depth 3~30 meters.


Suitable for fishing in shallow sea within 30 meters depth and 2.5 section tide water


  1. Excellent fishing effect;
  2. New polyethyelene materials;
  3. 5~10 year long service life;
  4. Good corrosion resistance;
  5. Light exposure
  6. Easy operation, needing less labors


We produce various specifications of fishing nets. We can design and manufacture fishing nets according to customer’s requirements.

Our Service

Our company supplies both finished and semi-finished fishing nets to meet customer’s different demand. If you want to know more information about our product, please feel free to contact us. We’re sincere to cooperate with you.

Fixed Net for Sea Fishing

Fixed Net for Sea Fishing

Fixed Net for Sea Fishing

Fishing Net for Shallow Sea