200kN Electric Friction Winch

The 200kN electric friction winch is a winch with grooves on the drum and a working load of 200kN. It is equipped with electric motor power and is installed on the ship for retracting and releasing mooring cables or wire ropes. The electric motor powers the winch, providing the necessary torque to rotate the drum. The drum is equipped with a friction brake system that allows it to hold the load securely in place when not in operation. When the winch is activated, the motor rotates the drum, and the friction between the drum and the cable or rope allows it to pull or lift the load.

1. Rated pull load: 200kN

2. Nominal speed: 6m/min(at 1st layer)

3. Wire dia.: 42mm

4. Drum capacity: 650m

5. Electric motor model: Y250M-8

speed: 670r/min

Power: 45kW

work duty: 30min

This mooring winch working together with a wire storage winch to launching the ship in the shipyard. And we can also supply hydraulic type or diesel type, if you have any other need pls feel free to contact with us.