1100mm x 1100mm Dredge MDPE Pipe Floater

Dredge MDPE floater is the important part for dredge discharge pipelines. It is widely used in dredging industry.Dredge floaters are made from wear resistance MDPE by rotational molding technology. A floater consists of two MDPE shells filled with PU foam and connected by galvanized bolts, nuts andwashers. The reasonable structure makes it perform well in tough dredging condition. Our dredge MDPE floater can be customized according to your special requirements.For any more information,please feel free to contact us directly.

Dredge MDPE Pipe Floater Performance:

  • Good Flexibility, excellent impact resistance
  • Light weight, easy to install and handle, lower costs for moving.
  • Higher corrosive resistance, longer working life.
  • Lower costs, the cost performance is better than steel floaters.
  • With good floating performance.

Dredge MDPE Pipe Floater Performance:


Technical Index of Hull


Inside Technical Index

Tensile Strength


Water Absorption


Break Elongation


Breaking Strength


Impact Strength


Breaking Elongation


Bending Strength


Compressive Strength


Weather Resistance

Break Elongation %≥


After total aging energy≥3.5GJ/m2

Oxidative Induction Time 200°Cmm≥



  1. Hull: Polyethylene
  2. Filler: Closed-cell Polyurethane foam
  3. Bolts: Metal

Picture of 1100mm x 1100mm Dredge MDPE Pipe Floater

1100mm x 1100mm Dredge MDPE Pipe Floater