Vertical Oil Storage Vessel

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Vertical Oil Storage Vessel

Vertical Oil Storage Vessel

Need to point the storehouse tanker can: independent points warehouse, can divide different oil products, chemicals, food..

Design can realize pump into, pump produced table, pumps, pump into the table but, through the list, but the table etc. Function.

All the fuel tank are designed to chemical tanker are all a car can be equipped with computer tankers a all the fuel tank of a broad range of household tonnage on choice, to meet user needs a all the oil tanker with the way more than the wave boards.

The high pressure gas leakage detection test, make the high strength, focus on, carrying vehicles safe and smooth etc. Characteristics

We can manufacture box semi-trailer, refrigerated semi-trailer, platform semi-trailer, container semi-trailer, tanker semi-trailer, tipper semi-trailer.


Vertical Oil Storage Vessel

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