Throw-over Inflatable Liferaft

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Throw-over Inflatable Liferaft

Throw-over Inflatable Liferaft:

Throw-over inflatable liferaft is one type of life raft,also,there are many throw-over inflatable liferaft types,including typeA, type B, for fishing boat etc.Throw-over Inflatableliferafts are usually made of rubber,its structure is reliable, easy to use, widely used in all types of ships offshore, coastal, inland navigation, providing emergency life-saving purposes. The throw-over inflatable liferaft that we manufactured has the characteristics of reasonable structure, sophisticated materials, production of fine, stable performance,it meets International Code of Safety for Hight-Speed Craft (2000).andLSA,MSC.81(70), MSC.226(82), MSC.218(82), MSC.295(87),ISO15738(2002).


1.Cylinder:6L x 2

2.Temperature inflating range:-15 +65c

3.Capacity of person: 6,10,15,20,25

4.Gas composition:CO2 and N2

5.Battery life:12hrs

6.Max stowage height:18 - 50M from water surface


8.Certificate:CCS, ABS, EC, BV, RS,NK,KR,PRS,TC,etc.


Throw-over Inflatable Liferaft

Throw-over Inflatable Liferaft For Yacht

Throw-over Inflatable Liferaft

Type A

Throw-over Inflatable Liferaft

Type B

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