Stainless Steel Ball Valve

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Stainless Steel Ball Valve


Medium and small diameter ball valves have simple structure, small size and light weight.

The fluid resistance is small, and the fluid resistance of the ball valve is the smallest among all types of valves. This is because the cross-sectional areas of the valve body passage, the ball passage and the connecting pipe are equal when fully open, and communicate in a straight line.

The opening and closing is quick and convenient, and the flow direction of the medium is not restricted.

The opening and closing torque is smaller than that of the plug valve. This is because the contact area of the sealing surface of the ball valve is small, and the opening and closing is less labor-intensive than that of the plug valve.

The sealing performance is good, because the material of the ball valve sealing ring is mostly plastic, and the friction factor is small; when the ball valve is fully opened, the sealing surface will not be eroded by the medium.

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Stainless Steel Ball Valve

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Stainless Steel Ball Valve

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