SB serie Marine Scupper

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SB serie Marine Scupper

SB serie technical agreement on leakage opening of circular marine deck:

1. The surface undercut of the welding joint of marine deck water leakage opening YA50 / marine floor drain YA65 shall be less than 0.5mm, and there are no defects such as pores, edge incomplete fusion and weld beading.

2. The steel parts of marine water leakage port must be galvanized, which can be hot galvanized or cold galvanized, and the thickness of zinc layer shall not be less than 35 m

3. Place the leakage port of YA round marine deck under the water pressure of 0.12 for 5min, and check the tightness of the leakage port body and valve.

Texture of material: Steel, Copper, Stainless steel

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SB serie Marine Scupper

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