Packing Straw Grab

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Packing Straw Grab

Packing Straw Grab

Packing straw grab is a kind of special material handling grab for straw power plant, mainly for straw unloading, stacking storage and keeping work. Its working level is high, It can adapt to the working environment of straw storehouse in power plant, moisture, dust, frequently used, and uninterrupted work requirements. It has advantages of light weight, small size, simple structure, convenient transportation,easy installation and maintenance.

Product Details:

1. Rated capacity: 3T-10T

2. Motor power: 15-22kw

3. Suitable material density: 0.15-0.4 t/m³

4. Suitable for the straw bags of all kinds of specification

5. Widely used in new energy power plant, straw collection, straw bag storage area.

6. Advanced hydraulic control technology

7. Powerful digging force

8. Special designed claw greatly increase the ware resistance and service life.

Hi-sea provides
1. Free grab design;
2. Designs to customer specification, including volume and unladen weight;
3. Assembly and commissioning by SHYP's specialist technicians;
4.Acceptance testing including certification such as BV, LRS, GL, DNV, ABS, and etc.

Packing Straw Grab

Packing Straw Grab

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