P2 RFOU 3.6/6kV Offshore Cable

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p2 RFOU 3.6/6kV Offshore Cable


High Voltage Offshore power cable Flame Retardant,Low smoke,Halogen free used for offshore unit.


1. Conductor
Circular tinned stranded copper in accordance with IEC 60228.
2.Conductor Screen
Semi conducting material
Ethylene Propylene Rubber(EPR)or Cross-linked Polyethylene(XLPE).
4.Insulation Screen
Semi conducting material and tinned copper wire braid.
Cores are laid up together and then wrapped by polyester tape
6.Inner covering
Halogen-free compound
7.Braid armour
Tinned copper wire braid in accordance with IEC 60092-350.
8.Outer sheath
Halogen-free thermoset compound in accordance with type SHF2(RED)

1. Design NEK606 and IEC60092-354
2. Conductor IEC60228 Class2
3. Insulation IEC60092-351
4. Sheath IEC60092-359
5. Flame Retardant IEC60332-1
6. Flame Retardant IEC60332-3-22
7. Halogen Free IEC 60754
8. Low Smoke IEC 61034

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