Marine Industrial Washing Machine

Marine Industrial Washing Machine

Marine industrial washing machine is a kind of equipment which is used to washing cloth. It is whole stainless steel construction which is corrosion resistant and durable. The marine industrial washing machine is simple to operate and easy to clean. It has an automatic digital control system. There are six available models that you can choose: HSAS65, HSAR80, HSR105, HSAR135, HSR180, HSR240 . More information, please contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.


Front loading type, heavy washing machine

Stainless steel inner and outer cylinder

Full automatic control

Europe’s technology and production process


HSAS65380-415V-3P-50Hz 440-480v-3P-60Hz6.5kg3.2kw595×585×850mm75kg
HSAR80380-415V-3P-50Hz 440-480v-3P-60Hz8kg6kw660×785×1115mm135kg
HSAR105380-415V-3P-50Hz 440-480v-3P-60Hz11kg9kw750×785×1225mm170kg
HSAR135380-415V-3P-50Hz 440-480v-3P-60Hz14kg12kw750×900×1225mm190kg
HSAR180380-415V-3P-50Hz 440-480v-3P-60Hz18kg18kw890×915×1410mm270kg
HSAR240380-415V-3P-50Hz 440-480v-3P-60Hz24kg18kw890×1060×1410mm290kg