Marine Expension Joint

Marine Expension Joint

1. Standard: CB1153-93

2. Connections End: Flange

3. Nominal Diameter: DN50 – DN500

4. Nominal Pressure: 1.0 Mpa-2.5 Mpa

5. Working Temperature: -20-400 deg.


Marine Bellow Expansion Joint is a crucial component used in marine engineering and shipbuilding to accommodate movement, absorb vibrations, and compensate for thermal expansion and contraction in piping systems. These joints are specifically designed to handle the dynamic and challenging conditions encountered in marine environments.

Maintenance of Sealing Integrity:

Expansion joints play a role in maintaining the sealing integrity of the overall piping system. Properly designed and installed expansion joints prevent leaks and ensure the efficient operation of marine systems.

Elementary Dimensions:

Marine Expension Joint


Marine Expension Joint

Product Showing:

Marine Expension Joint