Marine Electric Water Heaters

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Marine Electric Water Heaters

The marine electric water heaters are industry term for a storage vessel that has the capacity to generate heat within a mass of stored water.

  • Operates on three phase current.
  • Operates with electric control panel (IP56).
  • Models having tank volumes between 120-5000 liters (32-1320 gallons).
  • 316-304 quality stainless steel.
  • Operates with electricity, motor coolant water/oil or steam.
  • Main usage areas are; container ships, naval ships, cruise ships, petroleum platforms and all kind of vessels where high volume of potable hot water is needed.
  • Electrical heating powers between 10 - 300 KW.

  • 208-380-400-415-440-460-480 Volts.


1. VesselsMarine Electric Water Heaters

2. Mega Yachts
3. Tugboats
4. Cruise Vessels
5. Offshore Oil Plants
6. Applications for Millitary Purpose

1). Naval Assault Boats
2). Patrol Boats
3). Reinforcement Boats
4). Amphibian Vessel Group
5). Cost Guard Boats
6). Rapid Reaction Boats
7). Sailing School Ships
8). Salvage Ships
9). Replenishment Vessels
10). Cost Guard Rescue Boats

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