Marine Controllable Pitch Propeller

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Marine Controllable Pitch Propeller

Marine Controllable Pitch Propeller

A controllable-pitch propeller (CPP) is a type of propeller with blades that can be rotated around their long axis to change the blade pitch. Our Controllable pitch propellers (CPP) for marine propulsion systems have been designed to give the highest propulsive efficiency over a broad range of speeds and load conditions. When the vessel is fully loaded with cargo the propulsion required at a given ship speed is much higher than when the vessel is empty. By adjusting the blade pitch, the optimum efficiency can be obtained and fuel can be saved.


1. Category: marine controllable pitch propeller

2. Material: copper, aluminum, stainless steel

3. Size of blade: customized

4. Number of blade: 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

5. Certificates: CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, KR, NK, GL, etc.

6. OEM service available


1. Save fuel

2. Improve maneuverability

3. Change direction fast ( approx. 15 to 40 seconds)

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Marine Controllable Pitch Propeller

Marine Variable-pitch Propeller

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