Garbage Grab

Garbage Grab:

The garbage grab has to work in poor environment with dust, high temperature, hugh humidity and strong corrosive gas. So, the quality requirement of grab is very high. According to its working principle, it can be devided into hydraulic garbage grab and mechanical garbage grab. And according to its shape, it can be devided into orange peel grab and rectangle grab. The peels can be designed with all sealed and half-sealed with long teeth to insert garbage.


It is widely used in garbage dump, environmently power plant, water power station, gate dam and reservoir.

Main Product:

Motor hydraulic orange peel garbage grab

Motor hydraulic rectangle garbage grab

Motor orange peel grab

Excavator orange peel grab

Rectangle grabage grab

Hi-sea provides
1. Free grab design;
2. Designs to customer specification, including volume and unladen weight;
3. Assembly and commissioning by SHYP's specialist technicians;
4. Acceptance testing including certification such as BV, LRS, GL, DNV, ABS, and etc.

Garbage Grab

Orange Peel Garbage Grab

Garbage Grab

Rectangle Garbage Grab

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