FRP Firemaní»s Outfits Box

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FRP Firemaní»s Outfits Box

FRP Firemaní»s Outfits Box

It is used to store the outfits, clothing or respirator of the fireman.Because it is made of FRP, so it has the merits of light weight,aging resistance,corrosion resistance,high-temperature resistance.etc. It can be customized as your requirements. We have different sizes, if you are interested in this product, you can contact us.


1.Can be customized

2.Made of FRP

3.Long service life

4.Light weight

5.Corrosion resistance

6.Aging resistance

7.Corrosion resistance

8.Low maintenance

9.Good flexibility


Name NO. Dimension
FRP Firemaní»s Outfits Box
NO.1 720í┴520í┴360mm FRP
NO.2 800í┴650í┴550mm FRP
NO.3 800í┴600í┴340mm FRP
NO.4 800í┴600í┴320mm FRP
MO.5 1000í┴500í┴1800mm FRP
MO.6 1200í┴500í┴1800mm FRP

FRP Firemaní»s Outfits Box

800í┴600í┴340mm FRP Fireman's Outdits Box

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