Fishing Float for Aquaculture

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Fishing Float for Aquaculture

Fishing Float for Aquaculture

1. The floats are filled with gas as a buffer medium, which makes it have large energy absorption and wonĄŻt break easily when encountering waves, storm etc.

2. Simple installation structure;each float has ears so that it can be directly fixed;

3. When storm weather is coming, using the valve needle to release some of the gas in the floats, making the sink lower into the water and avoiding the destruction of the aquatic products by the strom.

4. This PVC float for aquaculture wonĄŻt absorb the water to make it heavier and reduce the buoyancy. Its surface is smooth and not easy for the planktonic algae to adhere to.

5. High quality PVC material, non-toxic and anti seawater corrosion

6. Anti-UV, wonĄŻt fade even for a long time exposure to the sun


1. Type: Aquaculture Equipment

2. Material: PVC

3. Inflatable Floats

4. Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/White

5. Size: customed

Our company supplies all specifications of EVA, PVC, EPS, ABS, PE floats with different shapes and colors. If youĄŻre interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. WeĄŻre sincere to cooperate with you.

Fishing Float for Aquaculture

Fishing Float for Aquaculture

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