Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel

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Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel


Small quality: aluminum plastic board is composed of aluminum foil and relatively small density of plastic core material composite, so with the same rigidity or the same thickness of the aluminum board, its quality is small.

Good rigidity: Aluminum-plastic plate clever use of i-steel structure mechanics principle, cleverly gives its mechanical properties, combined with the aluminum-plastic plate is under the condition of high temperature compound, and in the whole process, from top to bottom two layers of aluminum plate is under a certain tension state, when cooling forming, because of the symmetrical aluminum plate and the difference of core material on the shrinkage rate, The formation of plate stable internal stress and has good rigidity.

Fire performance is strong: the middle of the aluminum-plastic plate is flame retardant plastic core board, both sides are not easy to burn aluminum layer, is a safe fireproof material.

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Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel

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