E7018 Mild Steel Welding Electrodes/rod(2.5mm-5.0mm)

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E7018 Mild Steel Welding Electrodes/rod(2.5mm-5.0mm)

E7018 Mild Steel Welding electrodes/rod(2.5mm-5.0mm):

welding electroeds/rod:
1.Mild steel Electrodes E6013,E7018


AWS E7018 is a low-carbon steel electrode with a high titaniume coating and can be used on AC. or DC . It has excellent welding technological properties . The arc is stable . The spatter is small. The slag viscosity is moderate. It can be used freely . The slag is easy to clean . The welded seam is smooth and easy to restrike the arc.

Suitable for welding sheet metal structure made of low-carbon steel ,such as ships, vehicles, building, and general machinery.

Chemical Composition of rod(%):

C Mn Si S P
0.12 1.6 0.75 0.035 0.040

Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal:

Test Item b(MPa) c(MPa) s(%) Akv(C)(J)
Guarantee Value 490 400 22 22(-30)

Recommended Welding Current:

Electrode Diameter(mm) 2.0 2.5 3.2 4.0 5.0
Current Range(A) 40-70 50-80 80-120 150-190 180-240

E7018 Mild steel welding electrodes

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