Dredging Clamshell Grab

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Dredging Clamshell Grab

Dredging Clamshell Grab

It is a kind of effective tool for underwater handling mud, hard clay, iron sand, blasting rocks or salvage of the ship. The sheaves of it have mutiple seals to prevent sand and water ingress.


1. These grabs are suitable for digging and dredging Clay and/or Sand.

2. The grab is manufactured of high wear resistant steels such as Hardox 400, Weldox 700

3. The rotation points are equipped with heavy duty bearings and heavy duty shafts.

4. The bearings are double sealed to prevent entering dirt into the bearings.

5. The grabs can be manufactured in any weight and capacity you require.

6. In a two- or four rope execution.

Dredging Clamshell Grab

Sketch of the dredging clamshell grab

Dredging Clamshell Grab

Dredging Clamshell Grab

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