Dredge Pipeline

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Dredge Pipeline

Dredge Pipeline

HI-SEA Dredge Pipeline is various,such as dredge rubber hose,dredge steel pipe,dredge polyethylene pipe and dredge floater,etc.

Dredge Rubber Hose is suitable for dredge pipeline connection.It can reduce the swing caused by waves and makes the medium in the pipeline delivery more fluently.

Dredge Steel Pipe is mainly applicable for cleaning and conveying silt,mud and other mixed sundries.It can be worked with dredge floater and dredge rubber hose for one pipeline.

Dredge Polyethylene(PE) Pipe is suitable for transporting mud,slurry,sand,etc for dredger in dredge projects.It can be equipped with dredge floater which makes dredge PE pipe float on the surface of water.

Dredge Floater can be used for dredge steel pipe and dredge HDPE pipe.It is available for providing buoyancy for dredge pipeline.

Our product can be customized according to your special requirements.For any more information,please contact us directly. Excellent service is available.

Dredge Pipeline Dredge Pipeline Dredge Pipeline Dredge Pipeline

Dredge Floater

Dredge Polyethylene Pipe

Dredge Steel Pipe

Dredge Rubber Hose

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