CPP Propulsion System

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CPP Propulsion System

Hydraulic System:

Hydraulic diagram:

Electric motor

Proportional valve

Variable displacement pump

Control valve for booster pump

Gauge panel

Serve pump

High pressure filter

Booster pump

Main pitch control valve

Unloading valve

Remote control system:

A complete remote control system consists of following subsystems:

1. Pitch control-shaft speed command

The so called combination system with an adjustable relation between propeller pitch

And shaft speed and including command delay function.

2. Load control

Adjusting the propeller pitch continuously so that a predetermined engine load is maintained.

3. Load sharing control

To achieve the desired distribution of the power between 2 engines.

4. Manipulation demand system

For a clear and safe change-over sequence of the control responsibility between bridge and

Machinery control stations.

5. Pitch indication and back-up pitch control

An independent system for pitch indication and back-up pitch control by push buttons on the bridge.

CPP Propulsion System

CPP Propulsion System

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