CNC Plate & Pipe Cutting Machine

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CNC Plate & Pipe Cutting Machine

CNC Plate & Pipe Cutting Machine

1.Cutting principle and method:

CNC plate & pipe cutting machine is a new combined cutting machine developed on the basis of the general gantry type cutting machine. It is mainly used for flat plate and round pipe cutting. The machine can extend the curve cutting on pipe on the basis of flat cutting by the control of CNC system. Also it can be equipped with flame or plasma torch to cut the carbon and stainless steel easily.


It developed the bevel cutting machine both for plate and bevel cutting on the base of the plate bevel & pipe bevel cutting machine

3.Machine Technical Specifications

1.Mobile structure of cutting head moving, stroke 6m

2.Liner guide rail, ball bearing transmit the leading screw, rack and pinion assembled transmission system

4.Cutting Technical Specifications

1.Cutting Tube Type: Round Tube

2.Figures can be cut: variety of graphics by outspreading intersecting line Plate & Pipe Cutting Machine

3.Control Axis: 2 - axis

4.Cutting Diameter: according to customer requirements

5.Cutting: plasma or gas

6.Pipe maximum length: 12m

7.Pipe clamping method: Chuck

8.Power-driven: high-precision AC servo + dedicated planetary reducer

9.Control System: a dedicated intersecting line cutting system, with quantitative ntersecting line cutting macro library

10.Simple type pipe support bracket, can be manually adjusted

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