Cast Bronze Quick-closing Valve

Cast Bronze Quick-closing Valve

Materials of Main Parts:

(1)Body: Cast Iron;

(2)Cover: Cast Iron;

(3)Cylinder Body: Cast Aluminum Bronze;

(4)Disc: Carbon Steel;

(5)Stem: Stainless Steel;

(6)Piston: Zine Brass


Cast bronze quick-closing valve is a specific type of valve designed for rapid and efficient closure of fluid flow in industrial applications.

Key Features

Material: The valve body is constructed from cast bronze. Bronze is an alloy composed primarily of copper, with tin as the main additive. Bronze is known for its corrosion resistance and is often used in applications where exposure to water or corrosive fluids is a concern.

Quick-Closing Mechanism: Like other quick-closing valves, this type is designed for rapid shut-off of fluid flow. This can be crucial in situations where a fast response is needed to control the flow of a fluid, such as in emergency shutdown systems or applications with specific operational requirements.

Applications: Cast bronze quick-closing valves are commonly used in various industrial processes, including water treatment, marine applications, and other settings where bronze’s corrosion resistance is advantageous.


Cast Bronze Quick-closing Valve


Cast Bronze Quick-closing Valve